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AIM™ - Fast and Simple 3D Guidance

The Problem - Needle placement is difficult and error prone

Precise needle placement using ultrasound is extremely difficult, due to poor visiblity and complex hand-eye coordination. Device misplacement results in multiple “stabs,” lengthy procedures, patient injury, and incomplete interventions. The resulting injuries cost over $1B to repair annually, and these errors are the leading cause of malpractice claims against general surgeons.

Better visualization would enable more image-guided procedures to be performed with greater success.

The Solution: InnerOptic's AIM 3D Targeting Software

InnerOptic’s FDA-approved and patented AIM Software is a “GPS for Needle Guidance,” enhancing the physician’s ability to easily, quickly and precisely place a needle (e.g., ablation antenna, biopsy needle, catheter introducer, etc.) with ultrasound imaging.

InnerOptic’s AIM 3D software improves the accuracy of needle-based interventions, reduces injuries, and shortens procedure times, resulting in better patient outcomes.

AIM provides needle guidance for a
liver tumor ablation surgery.

InnerOptic’s AIM solves the spatial coordination problem inherent in ultrasound-guided interventions. The AIM software continually monitors the positions of the needle and of the ultrasound transducer, displaying their real-time positions in an intuitive user interface on a 3D stereoscopic monitor.

Improved physician performance has been demonstrated in multiple scientific studies and in a successful clinical trial.

AIM’s Benefits include:

• Easier, safer, faster, more precise interventions
• Lower error and injury rates
• High reimbursements with an existing CPT code
• OR compliant electromagnetic tracking
• No line-of-sight or workflow issues
• Easiest, most intuitive user interface
• Intuitive “freehand” device placement
• 3D interface restores hand-eye coordination
• Easy integration into existing imaging systems
• Covered by multiple patents
• FDA Approved

AIM Enchances Image-Guided Interventions

InnerOptic’s AIM 3D guidance software addresses the over 27 million image-guided procedures performed annually in the US alone. AIM provides guidance for any needle-based intervention using ultrasound imaging, including catheterizations, nerve blocks, in vitro fertilizations, tumor ablations and biopsies. AIM supports open, percutaneous and laparoscopic interventions.

As shown in the first video below, AIM improves needle-placement accuracy by rendering needle trajectory markers, the needle-ultrasound intersection point (purple square), and the needle trajectory (yellow "markers" in front of the needle)..

AIM also supports "out-of-plane" needle insertions, giving the surgeon or radiologist the flexibility to accurately place the biopsy/ablation probe at any angle relative to the ultrasound image.

AIM assisting Dr. David Iannitti to accurately place a needle
during surgery to ablate liver tumor lesions.

The AIM software displays an ablation volume guide (red and orange "cage" in the video below). The ablation volume guide shows the physician which tissue area may be ablated, before the ablation takes place. This provides the physician with the confidence that the ablation needle/antenna is properly positioned, maximizing the destruction to the tumor while minimizing the damage to healthy tissue. As shown below, The ablation field is identified by AIM as the tumor is visualized with the use of color flow Doppler imaging.

AIM's Ablation Volume Guide provides a visual indication of the tissue to be ablated. After ablation, the predicted ablation volume can be confirmed with< Doppler imaging.

This product and its use may be covered by U.S. Pat. No. 7,728,868 and other U.S. and foreign patents pending.


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