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InnerOptic's SPOTLIGHT™

Better Image Guidance with 3D Fusion

The Problem

Understanding the correspondence between pre-operative CT or MR and intra-operative ultrasound imagery is difficult, particularly in the context of an interventional procedure. Problems when using both during surgery include:

  • Poor Workflow Ergonomics: The PACS workstation, on which the CT/MR scans are viewed, is outside the sterile-field, far from the surgeon and the ultrasound;
  • Lack of Access to Annotations: CT/MR annotations are only viewable on the PACS.
  • Complex Spatial Relationships between U/S and CT: It is difficult to determine the anatomical correspondence between the U/S and CT/MR image.

These problems can lead to lengthy procedures, patient injury, and incomplete or ineffective interventions. Better visualization of CT and U/S would improve the efficacy of image-guided procedures.

The Solution: InnerOptic's Spotlight 3D Fusion Software

InnerOptic’s patent-pending Spotlight™ software allows the surgeon or interventional radiologist to simultaneously view CT (or MRI) and ultrasound, spatially fused together on a single display. This approach solves the spatial correspondence problem inherent in image-guided interventions.

Spotlight fuses CT (or MRI) and U/S images in real time onto a single 3D monitor, improving the efficacy of image-guided interventions.

Spotlight Enchances Image-Guided Interventions

InnerOptic’s Spotlight 3D fusion software addresses millions image-guided procedures that uses CT (or MRI) with ultrasound, including tumor ablations and biopsies. Spotlight supports open, percutaneous and laparoscopic interventions.

Spotlight continually monitors the position of the ultrasound transducer and fuses the live ultrasound slice onto the corresponding anatomical feature in the CT or MR scan. This intuitive visualization is displayed in real-time on a 3D stereoscopic monitor. Furthermore, Spotlight is the first technology to enable the surgeon to make intra-op annotations to the CT or MR and the ultrasound, rather than having to rely only on pre-op CT/MR markings.

Spotlight allows the surgeon to make intra-op annotations to both ultrasound and CT/MR.


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Surgeons use conventional
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InnerOptic surgery visualization products