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Company History

InnerOptic is a UNC spin-off with the mission to commercialize groundbreaking technology in medical visualization and 3D navigation.

With a bold vision of “Simpler, Safer Interventions with 3D Technology,” InnerOptic is improving image-guided procedures with its patented 3D navigation software. InnerOptic's FDA-cleared AIM™ software is a “GPS” for needle-based interventions, providing an intuitive 3D stereoscopic interface that improves a physician's ability to accurately perform complex needle procedures using intra-operative ultrasound.

Incorporated in 2003, InnerOptic Technology was launched to commercialize breakthrough medical visualization technology developed at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. InnerOptic has an exclusive license to UNC's patents in minimally invasive surgery, medical visualization and image-guided surgery. With grants from the NSF and the NIH, InnerOptic has extended this technology with its own patented innovations. Located in Hillsborough, NC, InnerOptic has close relationships with industry pioneers from research teams at UNC and CMC.

InnerOptic develops real-time visualization systems for use in minimally-invasive procedures, leveraging our expertise in:

  • Laparoscopy and laparoscopic ultrasound;
  • Image-guided surgery;
  • Medical visualization;
  • Real-time tracking and spatial coordination;
  • 3D Navigation; and
  • Human perception, factors and computer interaction

InnerOptic licenses and customize its software to device and imaging companies, working with them to integrate it into their products.

InnerOptic Technology, Inc.
106A N. Churton Street
Hillsborough, NC 27278

Phone: 919 732-2090

InnerOptic surgery visualization products