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Company History

InnerOptic Technology, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Dr. Henry Fuchs, Andrei State and Kurtis Keller as a spin off of UNC-Chapel Hill's Computer Science Department. With exclusive licenses to three UNC patents for computer-assisted surgery, InnerOptic was launched as a cumulation of 10 years of breakthough research. The UNC technology, led by Dr. Henry Fuchs and Andrei State, has been tested and enhanced in multiple human and animal trials overseen by surgeons.

InnerOptic began commercializing these technologies through assistance from the NSF via SBIR phase I, phase II and phase IIB grants along with a Research Technology Institute (RTI) subcontract from the NIH for developing a custom chip for our 3D laparoscope.Private funding and additional NIH grants have funded the development of the InnerAIM product..

InnerOptic Technology has since applied for additional patents for improvements and new applications of computer-assisted surgical technology.

FDA clearance for AIM was awarded in August, 2009 and again in August 2012.

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InnerOptic surgery visualization products