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Image-guided procedures are simpler and safer to perform using InnerOptic's patented 3D navigation software. InnerOptic licenses its navigation software to device and imaging companies for customization and integration into their products. InnerOptic's software has been adapted for a wide range of interventional devices and imaging systems.

AIM - Simple and Precise 3D Needle Targeting

AIM is a patented “GPS” for image-guided procedures, providing 3D guidance (illustrated in the video) for simpler, safer and more precise needle-based interventions. AIM has been clinically validated and is FDA cleared for sale in the United States (K121479). more >

Dr. John Martinie uses AIM's
real-time 3D needle guidance to quickly and accurately
ablate a liver tumor in a recent clinical trial.

AIM and its use may be covered by U.S. Patents 7,728,868, 8,585,598 and other patents pending.

Constellation - 3D Targeting for Multiple Needles

Screenshot of Constellation, showing three probes being placed around a tumor in a recent clinical case.

Constellation™ provides a 3D interface for accurate placement of multiple needles. For NanoKnife® procedures, Constellation makes it easier and more accurate to place the IRE probes parallel to each other and at equal depths. Pullbacks are also more precise, as Constellation provides real-time feedback on how far a probe has been pulled back.

Constellation and its use may be covered by U.S. Patent 8,670,816 and other patents pending.

Spotlight - Image Fusion for 3D Needle Navigation

InnerOptic's Spotlight™ software, pictured left, fuses pre-operative CT/MR scans with live ultrasound imagery in real time onto a 3D monitor and allows the user to make intra-op annotations, improving the efficacy of image-guided interventions. Click here for a video of Spotlight. more >

Investigational Software. Limited by Federal (or United States) Law to Investigational Use.

Spotlight and its use may be covered by U.S. Patent 8,554,307 and other patents pending.

Stereo Scope - A Single-imager Stereo Endoscope

InnerOptic has developed patent-pending 5.5mm and 10mm dual optical channel laparoscopes with standard eye cups that are compatible with conventional high-definition camera heads. We have also developed image processing software that automatically calibrates, aligns, enhances and processes the image so that it can be presented on a stereoscopic display to achieve a 3D effect.

The advantage of this design is the scope is compatible with existing cameras.  Surgeons can easily upgrade to stereo by only having to purchase the stereo scope and a corresponding stereo monitor.

The poster presented at SPIE 2011 is available here and the associated white paper is available here.

U.S. Patent Pending.



AIM Datasheet


Spotlight Datasheet

Stereo Scope Datasheet

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InnerOptic surgery visualization products